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Hudson product information:

Hudson Cata#: HB0047

Product Name: CPI-613

CAS#: 1004316-88-4

Chemical Formula: C40H53N7O5S2

Exact Mass: 775.35496

Molecular Weight: 776.02

Purity: N/A

Storage Info: N/A

Synonym: (3R,6R,9S)-2-Methyl-13-[2-(1-methylethyl)-4-thiazolyl]-9-[2-(4-morpholinyl)ethyl]-8,11-dioxo-3,6-bis(phenylmethyl)-2,7,10,12-tetraazatridecanoic Acid 5-Thiazolylmethyl Ester


Structure Formula:

Structure Formula Not Available.


Product Info::

CPI-613, currently developed by Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, is the lead candidate from a new chemical class that, through a novel mechanism of action, targets metabolic changes considered to be common to many, if not all, cancer types. CPI-613 is currently being evaluated in several ongoing Phase I/II trials. CPI-613 was granted orphan drug status by the US FDA for pancreatic cancer, which has a poor prognosis, spreads rapidly and often goes undetected in its early stages.

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References (Review papers):

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2: Lee KC, Shorr R, Rodriguez R, Maturo C, Boteju LW, Sheldon A. Formation and anti-tumor activity of uncommon in vitro and in vivo metabolites of CPI-613, a novel anti-tumor compound that selectively alters tumor energy metabolism. Drug Metab Lett. 2011 Aug;5(3):163-82. PubMed PMID: 21722089.