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About Us

Hudson Biopharma is a growing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical firm that operates within the United States and the People’s Republic of China.  As a highly motivated company, we emphasize teamwork and innovation in order to produce the finest products to the public.  Our services and products are specially tailored to meet the needs of all our consumers.

Hudson Biopharma US is currently located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. With an entourage of highly trained Scientists, and the use of some of the latest technologies, Hudson Biopharma is able to maintain a reputation as one of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical firms in the world without sacrificing quality. Hudson Biopharma uses a plethora of sophisticated equipment such as the Agilent HPLC 1200, LC/Mass, Combiflash Chromatography, and NMRS. Using the newest and most technologically advanced systems, Hudson Biopharma is able to structure itself in the areas of pharmacology, formulation, API manufacturing, discovery biology, and other exciting areas of study.

Hudson Biopharma works in conjunction with its parent company Hainan Hai Yao to provide both the US and China with the best products and services. Hainan Hai Yao is both a publicly traded pharmaceutical firm and one of the largest in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry. Located on the Island of Hai Nan Dao, Hainan Hai Yao sports both a large environmentally friendly campus and is one of the most iconic sites on the tropical friendly island.